In 1992 Mercantic opened its doors to the public with the firm conviction of becoming a benchmark for the antique and vintage goods sectors in Barcelona. Located in an old pottery factory founded by Jose Barnils in 1958, Mercantic serves as a host to more than 200 traders and collectors who display their antiques and restored goods in an area of 15,000m2. Mercantic shops are open all week offering a diversity of vintage and design furniture, and unique objects from all decades, styles and prices.

The original Arab furnaces used to make pottery when the factory was still active, remain at the center of the old building sharing the space with the market’s main stands area, which is the original project that launched Mercantic as a permanent fair of antiques. Approximately 50 stands form a web of alleys and corridors surrounding the old furnaces that exhibit the broad sample of furniture and objects that are offered in the market. Restoration, pottery, painted glass and other crafts workshops take place in the upper floor of the building. These creative efforts are complemented with Puntual, the new artistic center for young artists who have the chance to show their own work in the exhibition room inside this new facility, as well as offer creative workshops to the public in general interested in developing creative skills.

At our main courtyard, you can find a series of warehouses, stores and our colorful “Casetes” or sheds, where over 40 small shops are grouped, celebrating every week a lively market that adds around 50 more street vendors every Saturday and Sunday to the already vast offer of the permanent fair. Likewise, the Vintage Fest takes place in Mercantic’s main courtyard and in the adjacent streets of the market the first Sunday of every month. In this monthly event, you will find books, cd’s, vintage clothes, and other collectible unique objects.

The cultural and gastronomic life revolves around El Siglo bookshop, where live music concerts take place, creating the perfect environment to enjoy the classic Sunday morning vermouth. El Siglo has more than 100,000 volumes for sale, making it the oldest book store…no entendi

Food wise, you can have breakfast and lunch every weekday, and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, at El Chiringuito. But if you are looking for regional dishes, then you can opt to go to Casa Amparito and have an amazing paella while enjoying the great live music of Nestor Munt’s band. Likewise, Café Belgrado, a classic of Sant Cugat’s nightlife, offers Mercantic’s visitors live music and great food.


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