LA PUNTUAL – Contemporary Gallery Art

La Puntual is a space for contemporary art that promotes the exhibition and artistic production of young creators. It is located in the old ceramic factory of Sant Cugat del Vallès, nowadays converted into Mercantic. La Puntual has an exhibition hall and workshops available to artists.


“EARTH” – Carles Azcón

APRIL 27th – JUNE 2nd

EARTH, undoubtedly, is the most transversal and powerful artistic expression of Carles Azcón (Camberra, Australia, 1982). Azcón has been dive years in the organic shapes and colors of nature, and now, when his art breaks down disciplinary barriers in order to capture a sublime ecological consciousness. Now is the time, when the colors, the Earth and the multi-organic forms are released to claim, through their beauty, a glance full of hope and future.

Joan Bidar



“to have / have not (Aura)” – Octavi Aballí

MARCH 21st – APRIL 26th

At “Tenir/No tenir (Aura)” Octavi Aballí sets out a interferences series between the concept of aura, defined in a very open way by Walter Benjamin during the 30s of last century, the Ernest Hemingway’s novel “To have and have not”, adapted for film by Howard Hawks in 1994 and the recent appearance, in 2013, of the Aura perfume by Loewe, among other energy fields, light specters, halos, Chakras and other auras of suspicious reputation.


JANUARY 26th – MARCH 3rd

The exhibition Exercicis d’adaptació collects the sound investigations, serigraphics and pictorical of Bernat Albareda abot the relations emerged between private space and the city. The route begins at the 24/7 Barcelona installation, a graphic analysis about the sound in the street of Gràcia’s neighbourhood that sneaks through Bernat’s flat overcoming all the architectonical barriers. The register -every hour corresponds to a serigraphic stamp and to a sound reproduction- saves de memory of the intrusion of the urban movement. The loss of the personal atmosphere, the result of this invasion, leaves a void there where was a border controlling the domestic-public binomial. From here that the artist needs to search new spaces that are not concrete places, only balance precursor. The research process of the refuge spaces is resolved in the paintings on canvas. Between the acoustic map of a day in the city and the non-existent spaces that Bernat proposes there is a coma: the first attempts of working the serigraphic technique. These experiments are both a door between the artist daily reflections and its transcendency.



“The Search” is the name that I give to my current project, motivated by the interest that always has awaken on me the personal growth of the human being.

“THE INFLUENCES” establishes the first part of “THE SEARCH”. It deeps in those aspects, values and experiences, that during the first years of life, became part of our being, INFLUENCING in the way that we see and understand the world.

This project is a reflection of my vital experience, a permanent search on the spiritual ambit, conditioned by my origin, culture, familiar links, education and religion. It is, at the same time, a metaphor of my profesional growth in the pictorial art. Spirituality and artistic vocation have been the two existential motors of my life, two parallel lines that have gone hand in hand guiding my way.

The look of post-feminism: of advertising in the body and the pictorial gesture – Inés Rojo

 27th of OCTOBER

Studies of gender and post-feminism have determined the artistic production of Inés Rojo, resident artist of La Puntual. The essays of the philosopher Judith Butler are a reference for her and makes an analysis of the subliminal content inserted in the publicity that directs our gaze and thought towards a very concrete concept, and not innocent, of what is supposed to be born and be a woman (the feminine). In the series “Continent and content” and “Sexual stereotypes in the mass media” seeks to recreate this relationship in the compositions that builds / deconstructs through appropriate images of fashion magazines and photographs of performances performed by the same artist.

This exhibition shows the creative process of recent years to the present in which the gaze is becoming more introspective and colorful. In the series “Lights” and “Brushstroke” leaves aside the external look of the image and advertising representation on femininity, and sets the line of work in the investigation of pictorial abstraction as a natural correlation of the saturation of external inputs to arrive to a kind of sensation of myopia. Also as an investigation of the gesture and the implication of the body to the brushstroke. Lights and colors with erased effects or saturated colors against soft and diffused brush strokes. What you see, what you do not see, how does it look? It proposes another look.

The line of work, according to the artist, is that in the future I will combine photography with the pictorial expression of the gesture to continue addressing the first question: what affects me / what makes me feel as a person / as a woman, this saturation of inputs and cultural / social representations of what is agreed as feminine?

ART SENSE SOSTRE, by Xavier Aballí

 27th of GENUARY –  04th of MARCH

Art and homelessness are, a priori, very different concepts. On one hand we find the profession that deals with that visual, and observes and studies with obsession certain objects under the category of artwork. On the other hand, one of the more invisible realities of our society: the people who live in the street. The art exhibition “Sense sostre” (Homelesness) arises with the will, precisely, to put in front line this invisible phenomenon, to move a group of artworks created by people that live in the street, to an art gallery.

For a while Xavier Aballí buys and collects this artists artworks with whom he finds himself there, and La Puntual presents, for the first time, all the pieces of the collection.


by Marcel Rubió


We invite you to the expo opening “Alguna cosa incipient i etèria es va posar amb lleugera saltant com una pedra sobre l’aigua”, by Marcel Rubió and curated by Jordi Garrido.

From the “Passatges”, the narrative cycle in which Marcel Rubió has been working the latest years, Jordi Garrido proposes drawing a tour through the darkest episodes that reflect on the work of the artist. A phisical and spiritual path, a descent to the world depth and itself to become a creator, in which he has to face to his own passions and overcome them to be able to come back to his studio and become fundamental elements – the time, the experience of its descent – in the final artwork.




We invite you to the expo opening “Aquí no pinto nada”, de Saverio Tonoli.

The process of “reveal” an image is in the focus of the art of Saverio Tonoli: make visible things that are invisible, meander between knowledge and the used elements (color, relations, textures, paper) and the simple observation of unexpected reactions. The italian artist resident in Berlin works through the mix of different styles and techniques, from paiting to restauration of paper, as well as the use of collage and photo lab work.

“Aquí no pinto nada” talks about his last artwork, Azoth (2017), a large format piece that starts with the observation of the descomposition in different elements that the artist has found, like fruit or meat.

Remunerated Dyslexia Croma

by Jordi Mitjà


Working dyslexically in a story, a variety of paths, possibilities and derivations derive from them. It is very likely that, with this method so little methodological, we can trace and appropriate an origin, the structure of a story. The composition of this exhibition with sculptural and photographic works is only understood from the point of view of non-understanding, of the blockade and the fascination that causes an incomplete story. The language, “again”, tries to explain and reinterpret this original fault. The story of a counterfeit is immensely interesting and at the same time highly soluble. Post-truth has always been between us.

This project is part of the archive that Jordi Mitjà has been compiling for years on the story of Uri Geller, a character that is difficult to define.


by Emiliana Larraguibel

4th OF MARCH 2017

You are about to start reading a library. Just relax. Pick yourself up. Leave any other idea behind you. Let the world around you vanish in the indistinct. The door is better closed; On the other side is always the rumor of the Mercantic. Say to the others, “No, I do not want to read only the books that are already bound!” Raise your voice, if they do not hear you: “I want to read those that exist among them! Those who give in releasing their chapters! “Perhaps they have not heard you, with all that noise; Say it louder, shout, “I’m starting to read a book that exists in ten different books!” Or do not say it if you do not want to; Let’s hope they leave you alone.


by Manolo Menéndez

21st OF JANUARY 2017

In Contradiction, the artist proposes a reflection on the image through perspective games, geometric figures and photographs in which Manolo Menéndez reflects on the denial of the image. An exhibition between photography and sculpture that will represent a challenge of visual acuity for the viewer.


La Puntual

10th OF DECEMBER 2016

La Punctual-Collective Exhibition is a sample that was created with the intention of putting in the foreground the creations that the resident artists are doing in our workshops. A collection of some of the pieces that have been created in La Puntual in recent months. An exhibition that allows them to move the works from their place of creation to the gallery. Thus, La Puntual-Collective Exhibition generates a dialogue between the two spaces of La Puntual, the workshops and the gallery. The visitor of the exhibition will be able to know first hand the different creation processes of each artist, from the first tests to the workshops to the final work hanging on the walls of an exhibition space. And he can do it in the company of artists who use very different techniques and in ways that are very different from understanding art. The exhibition features works by the artists Xavier Rovira, Marcel Rubio, Jimena Lucas, Alicia Viver, Víctor Tarragó, Felip Gaig and Núria Benet.

La Puntual supports creation, experimentation and artistic production. During the period of residence, it is available to the participants: the workshop, the training and the exhibition.


Offer a work space for artists who are just beginning to develop their career, both from the university world and from abroad.

Place them in a multidisciplinary environment that fosters collective creation.

Complement their training through workshops and conferences.

Give them tools that favor their professionalization.

Make their proposals visible through exhibitions and events.


La Puntual has eight work spaces, 13 and 15 m2, located in a warehouse of the old factory. The workshops are individual, separated by walls but all located and connected in the same space. All the workshops have an internet connection, an electrical connection and four of them have a sink. The ship has a small kitchen, warehouse, heating and fans.


In order to collaborate and regenerate the dynamics that arise in the workshops, La Puntual is preparing a program of workshops and conferences. The purpose is learning, guidance, providing foundation and knowledge of artistic practice.

In addition, resident artists can have free access to the library’s library fund El Siglo, currently the oldest old hand bookshop in Catalonia.


La Puntual has an exhibition space of 90m2 which is at the service of the participants, both to carry out their projects and others in which they are interested to. Exhibition is a fundamental part of artistic practice, as is the whole process behind it, of which resident artists can also be part of it.

The internal activity is combined with the samples of other artists with the idea of  bringing together different points of view and ways of working.




WORKSHOP 2, 4, 8

The selected artists will have access to a work space (13-15m2) 24 hours a day. All the workshops have Internet, electricity and four of them have a sink. There is also free access to the programming of workshops and conferences, as well as the possibility of exhibiting their projects in the exhibition hall as well as in the entire Mercantic site. A free loan service is offered at the back of the bookshop El Siglo.

Residence period: from six months to two years. The selection committee will review the proposals according to the order of arrival.

How to request the residence:

Send an email to the address  containing:

– Personal information: name, surname, birth year and telephone number

– Brief explanation of the reasons for requesting the residence and description of the discipline or work disciplines

– Proposed date to come and see the space.