Cultural Space


Regular or punctual but always workshops! We want to make Mercantic a space also for continuous training. In this section you will find all the information about the workshops that we organize together with our dealers.


La Puntual is a space dedicated to contemporary art that promotes the exhibition and artistic production of young creators. It is located in the old ceramic factory of Sant Cugat, now Mercantic. La Puntual has an exhibition hall and workshops available for artists.

EL SIGLO · The old bookstore

A collection of more than 120,000 books makes the El Siglo Bookstore the largest old bookstore in the state. With the incorporation of  the collections of the now defunct Canuda bookshop in Barcelona, El Siglo completes an irresistible offer for lovers of reading and music. Don’t forget to check the website to know about the programme of concerts and cultural activities.